hand stretch
onto wood.

in 6 colors
with 6 pastels
make 6 marks.

on the back of this canvas
apply enough postage stamps
to send this object through the post to someone you love.

every person who interacts with this piece will alter the 6 marks, which will through this movement in the post create the piece.

in this way from the time you send this canvas until the time it is received a performance will occur.

a spectrum through time & place between two points visualizing the love between these two people.

spectrum composition
spring, 2017

i   terpret
in   erpret
int   rpret
inter  pret
int   rpret
in   erpret
i   terpret

direction composition
summer 2018

sharpen a pencil with a stone and draw a line around the stone until the pencil can no longer draw

pencil composition
summer, 2018

duration as place

“the animal with the shortest life span sits atop the animal with the longest life span”

A for contemplation
B from empathy
C fulfilling direction

algae cast into prickly pear cactus
summer, 2018

landscape with stillness

while your stopping become the flowers

flower, 2018

one are we are one

photograph yourself with arms wide open, position your arms in such a way that they link with the person to your right & left, with armed shared circle the world together for everyone in it

winter, 2018

using a string whose length is to be determined by the distance of your shadow from mine, pull

line composition
winter, 2018

leave a penny on the ground heads up so the next person to walk by has good luck.

luck composition
winter, 2018

the breath of the wind can be seen upon the ground as fallen leaves

fall, 2018

the outline said to the shadow, “are you coming?”

summer, 2016

count all the ways you love yourself, count all the ways you love a friend, add these numbers together & plant this many trees.

love composition
summer, 2015

a small brightly colored booklet filled with images of fallen flowers from trees on the ground

the reflection of tree branches on grass

fall, 2014

show me the place where you picture yourself when all your dreams come true

summer, 2015

a book with no ending
a book with no beginning

winter, 2018



i begin by placing the leaves of tree branches onto the piano strings. in this way, when my fingers take a walk through the keys i'll know i've ended up in the forest in which I am so fond of these days.

fall, 2018

the idea shall come first.

naive intuition shall come second.

retinal aesthetics & innocent thought shall come together. 

conceptual folk arts
spring, 2018

draw a line and turn it into something
draw a square and walk through it
draw a circle and fall down it
draw a triangle and climb it

spring, summer, fall, winter, 2018

a. hand stretch canvas onto wood
b. throw 3 pieces of paper into the air
c. glue the paper where it lands onto the canvas
e. the painting is considered finished when the glue, paper, canvas and wood have turned to dust

painting to be decomposed
summer 2018

go to the river, ask for the current

a line from one ocean to connect another

when someone cries, we taste salt

soft hues, often round

wish from the land to the sea

the love in looking

water, 2018

if you have an idea and i have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas

summer, 2018

art gallery

to open with the sunrise
to close with the sunset

spring, 2018

one morning i found wonder in my memory

we listen to the stars at night when it is dark enough to find them

tonight i hang the stars for you, the one out of place here with me

wish, 2018

follow a comet, run as fast as you can to catch its tail

spring, 2018

place one foot in front of the other to take you to your imagination.

health composition
winter, 2018

every something begins as nothing

spring, 2015


summer, 2017

blow a kiss to your someone special every time you see the sky's reflection through rain puddles in the street

summer, 2016

i believe in your heart.

spring, 2013

paintings on rocks, so that when you roll them down a hill they reveal their subject matter

hill composition
summer, 2014

take continuous steps in the shape of a heart until the one your searching for appears

summer, 2015

drop 12
marbles into
12 different
of paint.

roll each
of them
across a
in order
of chance.

marble composition
spring, 2018

mailing an envelope filled with air to the sky

air composition
fall, 2018

seven stones rolled in seven colors dropped from seven heights onto seven handmade rice papers. each stone dropped from a height of one to seven feet in succession over seven minutes.

distance for duration, in seven parts

summer, 2018

plant a tree. stand in the rain collecting rain drops on your tongue until it stops raining. water a tree.

rain composition
summer, 2018

a book where each page carries a letter, where each letter is a different point size, the first page starting with a letter 1 point in size, the book ending when the letter on the page fills the entire surface of the page, growing in illegibility

growth book
summer, 2018

profoundly beautiful is the world that is painted with love

toward a feeling

i've grown harmony in everything

light exists in you, upon reaching the darkness ahead you will find a way

wonder in living

love, 2018

i haven't done anything here

an exhibition for a gallery space in which nothing has been placed, the art being those who walk into the space & experience the time + place

spring, 2018

collect, scan & document 100 stones from the bed of a river, impose them into a book in the shape they were taken

my bed is the river is my bed
winter, 2018

count the number of leaves which fall from a tree during autumn. plant this many flowers around the tree the following spring.

dedication composition
summer, 2017

an event to begin after the sun has set in the sky. to take place in a room filled with stars made from paper, painted with ink which glows under darkness. every viewer will be taught to hand fold paper stars and should feel free to take away their own star. an event to end after the sun has risen in the sky.

how we wonder

fall, 2018

show me the place where you picture yourself when all your dreams come true

summer, 2016

a book that uses sentences as mazes so that you have to read them in their correct order for the story to make logical sense

fall, 2014


fall, 2018

a pencil erases itself a eraser sharpens itself

winter, 2018