Toward a (Design)

Christopher Branson is a cross-disciplinary creative director, designer and artist with over 15 years of hands-on working experience.

He has helped to produce + lead design projects for brands, artists and galleries in an open practice, working simultaneously between client-based and self-initiated work.

Working through environmental, print and digital media, with an emphasis in conceptual thinking. He creates advertising campaigns, applications, art direction, bespoke type design, book/editorial design, brand identity systems, copywriting, iconography, illustration, photography, prop styling, social media direction, storyboarding for animation and commercials, and websites.

His approach is led by strong typographic inquiry and communication. The studio is currently based in Mid-Missouri.

﹡ On (Building)

Prior to working as a designer Christopher was a carpenter. He comes from a multi-generational family of builders and craftsmen. He maintains a practice of self design and building, in furniture, art and bespoke prop styling. 

Toward an (Artistic)

As a practicing artist and curator Christopher has produced artwork for shows and art fairs across the United States, Europe and China.

Creating projects that combine shape, form, light and language through painting, sculpture, collage, illustration, furniture, installation, photography, publishing, writing and various formats of ephemera.

His practice involves intuition of process; moving between figuration, abstraction and conceptual efforts simultaneously.

Christopher initiates idea driven work through process and concept.

As Robert Rauchenburg has said, I am following the process and the process is following me. We are each bewildering eachother.


East West (STL)
Who Modern
Monica + Andy
Lagomorph Design
Zak Rose Studio
Wright Auction House
Rago Arts
LA Modern Auctions (LAMA)
Dock 6 Collective
Keith Haring
Yayoi Kusama
WNDR Museum
Chicago Ideas Week
Brad Keywell
OTHER Studio
Cresco Labs
Creative Circle
ONE HALF IN (Bookstore)
Interior Define
Jason Wu
Conversant Media
FIA (Federation of Internet Alerts)
Discover Card
Dow Chemical
Valspar Paint
Paper Mate
Jack Daniel’s
el Jimador
Kohl Children's Museum
Work/Play (Danielle and Kevin Mccoy)
Demond Meek
Optiks Studio
Voltron (TV Series)
Colfax Community Network
Invisible Museum
NY Art Book Fair- Printed Matter (New York, New York), 2023, 2019, 2018

Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair, 2021

Vancouver’s Virtual Art Book Fair, 2020

Los Angeles Art Book Fair- Printed Matter (Los Angeles, CA), 2020, 2019, 2018

Dock 6 Collective- Art & Design #13 (Chicago, IL), 2020

Dock 6 Collective- Art & Design #12 (Chicago, IL), 2019

Chicago Art Book Fair- (Chicago, IL), 2019

Vancouver Art Book Fair (Vancouver, Canada), 2018

UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair (Shanghai, China), 2018, 2020

Print & Resist (Madison, WI), 2018

Independent Art Book Fair (Los Angeles, CA), 2018
Fully Booked Art Book Fair (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), 2018

Potential Spectrums at Pick Me Up Cafe (Chicago, IL), 2016

Neue Form (St. Louis, MO) - Co-curated with WORK/PLAY, 2014

These Are Not My Problems (Chicago, IL), 2014

Beyond The Infinite (Chicago, IL), 2013

CHI Design Museum’s Re/View (Chicago, IL), 2013

Typeforce 5 (Chicago, IL),  2013

ARTCRANK (St. Louis, MO), 2011

Bordo Bello (Denver, CO), 2011

VIPink (St. Louis, MO), 2011

ARTCRANK (Denver, CO), 2010

Toe Fluff (Swindon, UK), 2010

Yes Please More (Denver, CO), 2010


This website and it’s projects were designed between 2009-2024. Running on Cargo. Typeset in Primary House Stencil by Christopher Branson.

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